one of my rare scene in Gmod, I wanted to use the enhanced combine mine ( and this is the result

what do you think ? :slight_smile:

Not much is going on really, and the left side is completely empty.

just felt I didn’t needed to fill the whole room, you know, less is more and all that, since it was a one man room in the middle of city 17. Filling it with crates and stuff would be too much for a small undercover operation

but indeed the scene is empty on one side

Given you wanted to use the model, you really should have given it more focus in the shot and gone with an angle that would emphasize either the mine or the rebel working on, something similar to what Lt_C made for the preview image for the download. You could easily fix the emptiness on the left side by just changing the angle and adjusting the camera’s positioning.

I would recommend varying your props, since it becomes jarring if you have the same prop appearing in the same shot stacked on top of itself or just in general.

Oh, so you just felt that the viewer had to scroll to the right to get past all the dead space in this hilariously oversized picture to actually see something…

I tried to make it obvious without just filling the camera with it, I went with this angle because I had a choice between showing the hidden door and the windows and showing the empty bathroom, I ultimately went for the first one. and indeed having the same prop again and again is pretty ugly, thanks for the feedback, I’ll work on that, see if I can make it look better

when people are friendly like you, it just makes me want to answer as nicely.

here is V2

the idea behind that picture was a discreet and very small secret rebel workshop, so I hesitated to add one or more rebels (for example one working on the rebel mines)

It doesn’t need more characters, just a better environment. The second picture is an improvement, but the bland lighting is ruining it. Try a similar set up, but in a darker map so you can control the lighting better.