Resistance777's Compilation

I dunno, I just want to leave this here, showing MOST of my screenshot works

Massive “OMG M60 1/10” war on this one :frowning:

I got bored making shark pics after this pic

Far cry 2… yeah

Us Airways 1549? yeah, a recreation of the a320 that landed in the Hudson. Yeah the planes are totally different.

(Edited by Bliblix, damn the civvie was shot by .50 :/)

Asiana A330

I hated this one, it was damn shit

i really thought that pic above so emotional, well not really edited by Zeraxify <3

Thats basicly it… most of my work, some I dont have anymore. ENJOI

I see nothing.

Oh my fucking god, i’ve gone blind!!! oh wait, there’s nothing there…

You sir, fucked your thread. \o/

There’s something missing…


Sorry, had to rub it in.
But your poses are veyr good!
You remind me of myself, you use alot of ingame editing(Muzzleflashes etc) - so do I.
You’re really talented at making zombie hordes, but you get a bit overboard with blood and bloom in some of the pictures.

Ah Resistance, resistance, resistance…

You genericness and lack of eye posing is iconic. Not to say they are bad, they are bloody good man, posing specially.

The poses are very good, but you badly need better editing.


And now that’s truly epic.

And massive improvement

posing was solid in the first place. But minor mistakes ruined it.
It is still good though.

I over did some stuff, espically the olds ones

I love the subtle improvements excellent work.

Your genericness never ends my friend. It never does. Good posing though :v:

A fine compilation of pictures.

I have a question.

Is this cs_assault?

It is

I just took a pic of the skybox and did some colour changes.

Really nice, you have improved alot over time.

Wow, your first picture has alot of blood spam.