Resizable, morphable tank treads

Ok, I know tank tread entities are possible; in fact, I have two different addons that included some. What I’m looking for is a tank tread entity that allows you to designate its shape. Perhaps something like the “Catmull-Rom Camera” STool’s pathing ability? However it would be done, I hope that someone here can do it. Making a King Tiger with treads that are shaped like an old bulldozer’s isn’t exactly my idea of a good tank.

Aww, really? One more go then I’ll let this die…can anyone help me?

The closest you would get, is if somebody made a special prop and had code to spawn it as a prop_dynamic_override prop, as the source engine is nearly impossible to work with lagless objects with moving and colliding objects, in one entity. For example; wheels. (By this, I don’t include cars. For example; In Episode 2, the is a cart with wheels that actually turn and etc, that you have to push down. Instead of tieing different entities to a cart prop, or anything like that, it is a prop_dynamic_override that makes the wheels move, as-well as the entire thing.)

Creating two of these propped and rigged entities would slightly help your problem, but there is still the issue of lag that it would no-doubtly create if they are moved in any abnormal way. On-top of them being very delicate, like so, you would still have to create the entity to fit into the tread’s, and have something to make them move correctly. You’re better off asking for someone to create an entire tank entity, than this.

Hrm…good point. Damn. Oh well, was worth a try.