Resize GUI for Flat screen?

Hey all!
I recently upgraded my video card (Radeon 4780X2 XD) and have been playing all my games in 1080p on my 48 inch DLP.

This works great for most games, but In Gmod the super high resolution makes all of my UI way to tiny to see. Cant Wiremod or build contraptions worth a damn when it takes me a good minute to find ANYTHING in the menu. >_<

Is there any way I can resize the Q Menu and other menus (Context, popup menu’s, etc) to fit my screen better?

Alternatively, When I go to use lower resolutions it only takes up part of the screen, could you offer up some helpful advice to fix that?

I don’t think there is a way to re-size the GUI.

I playing in fullHD 1080p and never had a such problem. All elements are good size and taking full screen.

So, try to reshake some graphical settings. It may fix it.