Resize player hitboxes

Is there any way to scale the size of a player’s hitboxes? I do not mean their collision hull.

Also, what’s the best way to visually view them? The gamemode I’m working on involves bolting props to players and I want to tell if the props I’m attaching are notably misaligned with the hitboxes.

AFAIK the only way to scale the hitboxes of a player is to use SetModelScale.
Unfortunately, this messes up the player’s hull and collision bounds, as well as hinders movement; a bug report has already been made, but no word yet.

You can use this method:

local color_debug = SERVER and Color(0, 0, 255, 128) or Color(255, 0, 0, 128)

function ENTITY:DrawHitBoxes(flDuration --[[= 0]])
	local iSet = self:GetHitboxSet()
	if (iSet ~= nil) then
		if (flDuration == nil) then
			flDuration = 0
		for iGroup = 0, self:GetHitBoxGroupCount() - 1 do
			for iHitBox = 0, self:GetHitBoxCount(iGroup) - 1 do
				local vPos, aRot = self:GetBonePosition(self:GetHitBoxBone(iHitBox, iGroup))
				local vMins, vMaxs = self:GetHitBoxBounds(iHitBox, iGroup)
				debugoverlay.BoxAngles(vPos, vMins, vMaxs, aRot, flDuration, color_debug)

I didn’t add colour variance, so they may be hard to tell apart.

Thank you for the code snippet. I notice it’s tied to the ENTITY object, I assume I can use a typical hook to draw this for players?

I’ve noticed “interesting” interactions between players when one is resized, but I haven’t noticed issues with movement. Granted, I’m not just resizing them. I’m also using SetHull and a few other things. I don’t suppose you know a best-practices for compensating for them?