Resized Renamon's eyes are pink

ok, a guy named oogaboogaman has been resizing models and he tried resizing the renamon model however, something with the model made the eyes screw up so after a specific size, they turn purple (not the missing texture one). so can anypone make “fix” the model so it can be resized properly, heres a picture of the bug

I don’t think that it is anything wrong with the model. seems like the eye texture didn’t get resized:P

well, he don’t know what’s wrong but it can’t be the eye model since the lucario model has also been resized without trouble

but i got an idea how this could be fixed. if you remove the eye as a standalone “model” adn implement it as a part of the main skin, that way it’l be resized normal, wont it?

I haven’t looked at the actual model, but could the problem be with the eye shader? Does it even use the eye shader, or just a normal VertexGeneric?

Just something to check.

i don’t know. remember that i’m asking the question for the guy but i’l ask him

Looks like just a missing texture. Check put the original texture in the same folder or check that eye’s the .vtf or .vmt or whatever points to the right folder that it’s in.

no. the guy who resized it said this “Renamon’s eyes are corrupted. After long tests, I found out that it was the modeller’s fault.” so i’m guessing he has tried that aleready and the eyes on this renamon is purple but not the missing purple and black texture. it looks mroe like the same purple thats on her gloves at some points

edit: oh and i think he meant that he had to make the eyes like this because of the bug to keep it from looking crap

edit: oh and i told that guy who resized the mdoels what you suggested anyways ^^

just annother note. i’m verry sure it’s not a missing texture now since when i was posing this ragdoll today and i spawned a normal renamon with the intentions of editing the pics together so the eye would look normal, the eyes on the resized renamon turned black instead of purple the second i spawned the normal renamon

the problem is you have a model of renamon

furry faglord

ok, he says he has had the same problem with other models as well. but he dont know how to check if the models are looking for a different texture or not

anyone there? we really need help with this

ok, some mroe updates. the guy said this today " This is part of the log when compiling the model.

Building binary model files…
Working on “mdldecompiler - Copy.qc”
SMD MODEL D:\ren\scl2/renamon_reference.smd
VTA MODEL D:\ren\scl2/mdldecompiler_expressions.vta
ERROR: D:\ren\scl2\mdldecompiler - Copy.qc(29): - can’t find eyeball texture “eyeball_r” on model
ERROR: D:\ren\scl2\mdldecompiler - Copy.qc(29): - can’t find eyeball texture “eyeball_r” on model
ERROR: Aborted Processing on ‘renamonscaled002.mdl’

It refuses to compile because of this error. Of course, it compiles when I remove the lines in the QC related to eyeball_r and eyeball_l."

so this is my last hope for help on here

it’s possible it uses other textures for the eyes. Just look into the smd what is used instead, and replace the entries in the QC.

ok, i’l tell him you said that ^^