Resizer ragdoll tool

hi all
there isn’t a section to request tool?
i’m wonderig about a ragdoll resizer tool

and if someone knows a way to resize ragdolls please give me a link or post

thanks for the attention

The inflator tool, found in-game, can do exactly what you request.

All you have to do is press Q, go to tools, select inflator, then simply place your cursor on a ragdoll in order to increase/decrease the size of the ragdoll part.

He’s not asking for a limb inflator but an STool that changes the scale of the whole ragdoll while keeping the proportions correct. That would be very useful but I don’t know whether that kind of thing is possible. I don’t know lua very well so don’t go by what I say.


There are model resizers. It took me only a few seconds to search to find these.

Please search on your own ahead of time.

Those are for props. Smart-o.[/t]


Because those clearly aren’t ragdolls/players in the screenshots. :downs:


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You’re dumb too, That sofa is resized.

i’m asking for a ragdoll rescaler stool

and the player resizer won’t work it says to me lua nil value