Resizing a model using the QC

Is it possible to scale a model or ragdoll using the QC? I just need to scale the entire model, bones and all, down. Can I use some kind of line to accomplish this?

Use the $scale command?$scale

Oh cool! Thank you!

Make sure you put it at the very top of the qc.

I’ve been doing this since forever. Just make sure it is before the $model line.

Also keep in mind that it breaks eye and faceposing.
You’ll need the mdl scaler if you want to change the scale and retain that.

Ther’s an MDL scaler?

Sorry not MDL scaler. But one that rescales everything so that it retains face and eyeposing

Nice always interested in new tools ^^ Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Ha turns out I already had it just have never been able to use it probberly because it forces you to use StudioCompiler, which has never worked ¬.¬