Resizing Bones?

Experienced beginner here.

Trying to get the HL2 biped from a fem citizen onto this model, but the limbs seem to be longer than those of the model.[/t]

How would I get to resizing them properly?

Tried using the scale tool, which looks normal in default position, but distorts the bone when rotated in different directions.


Bones don’t actually have a scale per-se attached. Scaling it like that just pushes the origins out and results in distortions. It’s not often that models from other games will fit perfectly on the Valve Biped and you’re often going to need to do some editing. You’ve got about three choices here.

  1. Detach the bone you want to move and move it to the location you want. Re-attach it and using the bone tools menu (animation -> bone tools) update the rotation and length of the parent bone. Move the bones around to fit the proportions you want. The skeleton will be re-aligned in-game automatically.

  2. (Preferred method) Bones snap to the animation locations automatically so your model is going to stretch if you use the first method. Instead, this method is typically preferred: Using an editable poly modifier (if your mesh isn’t already an editable poly) you can use the soft selection tools to help you pull the limbs out to match. It may help to adjust the bulkiness of certain areas a little once the model has been crudely yanked into the proper proportions.

  3. Generally changing a model’s proportions to anything different from the HL2 biped wasn’t really possible unless you wanted to animate your own skeleton over. I started screwing around with animations at one point and it turns out you can manipulate the Valve Biped in to the locations you want, then run it as a delta layer and subtract from the original skeleton. In other words you create an animation that’s always running which actually forces the bones in to the new locations that you want which allows you to use the proportions you want. It still has some bugs but I hope to get back to experimenting once the next GMod update is out. Nevertheless I can elaborate on this process should you prefer this method.

Second method worked great, thanks.