Resizing NPC models?

I tried using a “$scale 2” QC command, which resized the actual model, but the animations are still for the default size so the NPC shrinks into a ball for everything except the standard T-pose. I’ve seen this done before, so there must be some way to get this to work. Does anyone know how?

Resize it in a modeling program, not using qc commands, the qc doesn’t scale bones for whatever reason.

You can use the scaling program which resizes everything including face and eye posing.

Eh can’t find it in google right now, but if you want I can zip it up on my end.

MilkShape isn’t letting me resize the character’s skeleton. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I converted it from a CSS player model?

I already have that program but it does the same thing at the QC commands did, unless I did something wrong. I tried using the model it automatically compiled and compiling the SMDs/QC that it generated; neither way works.

Put a screenshot of what happens in game as it’s possible your having the same problem I have with Valve Biped rigging in Milkshape (as in it doesn’t work).

Yeah, that is a Gabe Newell model. I’m only using it for testing purposes.

yea it could be that it’s certainly mangled, damn

If you want to resize the ragdoll itself, that can be done with the $scale qc line.

But if you want the anims to work, you’ll need to use the scale command on them too.

Isn’t the scale command supposed to affect everything after that line in the QC file? I put it right at the start, so if that’s how it works it should have scaled the animations too. Do I have to put the command in a separate file for the animations to work?

You’ll need to decompile the anims and add the scale command to them too.

Aren’t most animations put in a separate model file? You may need to resize that one too.

That’s what I said.

Wait, do you mean that I can just put a scale command in one file that includes all the animations? I guess I misunderstood and assumed I’d have to do it for EACH animation and was about to give up on this idea.

Most of the animations are stored in a separate model file, for most models. For example, the male animations in HL2 are stored in the model male_gestures.mdl (or male_postures, male_shared, or male_ss; I don’t know which).

It appears as though if you decompile this, add your scale line in the QC, recompile, and then have it so your recompiled model uses your new animations model, it should work fine.

Sounds interesting, I gotta try that when I get back

I put the scale command in all 4 of those model files just to be sure, and they seem to have compiled at the right size (they work fine in model viewer) but in-game, the model just turns and faces random directions every couple directions, and doesn’t move around at all. Also, the model doesn’t even face the right direction (when the NPC is looking north, the model faces east, for example.)

I thought I finally had this, but apparently I’m still doing something wrong. Any ideas?

You’ll need to fix the animations’ qcs then.
In modelviewer, make the ground visible.
load another unchanged model to compare you modified model with, cycle through both of their anims and if the ground is moving on the unchanged model add “LX, LY, LZ, LXR, LYR, LZR” (depending on what it needs) to your anim qc.
That’s explained here.

It’s tedious, but there’s no other way.