Resizing ragdolls?

I was planning on trying to resize a ragdoll, to use in garrysmod for fun, like the giant headcrab model, but I am really not sure how to, I have never edited models or tried to model anything before, and I don’t want to go and request it whenever I decide to resize something else, and don’t want to replace the model, I need help.

you could possibly go to modeling section and request a hexed, larger model.
Or use the inflation stool

Inflater stool is a big fat no-no.
It’s terrible for making ragdolls bigger, why? because they look so crappy after a few resizes. I have been looking for resizing ragdolls to, and I remember a thread on how to do so, but it’s long lost.

Yeah guess you’d have to learn how to model :frowning: or wait for a better inflator tool…

Tell me, someone, is this tool any good? - I want to give a ragdoll big biceps (not hugely big ones, just average)

Hmm never used that one but not sure if it would work for ragdolls, plus something like that is probably ULTRA buggy

I used the inflator tool to bulk up the ragdoll’s arms, and it worked fine.

The prop resizer doesn’t work on ragdolls because it’s for props.
The inflater is fine for making ragdoll’s arms bigger-something like that but for making the whole ragdoll bigger or smaller (making a combine the size of an orange) it just will not work.

the prop resizer and the inflator are hacky tools. While new versions of the prop resizer attempt to rescale the collission model too the ragdoll inflator only does visual patches. As of now… the source engine itself is not able at all to handle real-time resizing. No way!

You’re best off by using mdldecompiler and adding a $scale _ line into the mdldecompiler.qc file to resize them to a higher/lower new size. Then however, you’ll end up having models multiple times!

Well, model decompiler has an error and i’ve been trying to fix it forever and I just give up.

I want To rescale my models and I have an instructuion but not The programm scaler.exe where can i Downlaod this Programm i Googled Soo long and I can’t speak english well . Instroduction here

I too have found this instruction website but like you cannot find the scaler.exe program to use it.
And I have searched the internets high and low.
My google Fu is usually pretty good but it seems that program is no where to be found:(

I use inflator stool to make buff ragdolls, but that’s getting off subject, I remember seeing a size changer stool.
Don’t remember where though. . .

I recall that too. It surface on a while back, so you may want to check back there.

Are there any other " Prop Resizer " STools? i tried downloading PR v2.21 but it didnt show up in Gmod

So… still there is no any way to resize ragdolls ?

I don’t mean to ultra-bump this, but I’m looking for the same thing. I’ve had no luck on so far; All I can find is a prop resizer, and that’s not what I’m looking for.

Use Gmod Model Rescaler.

You’ll have to decompile the model first using MDLdecompiler.

Upon trying to start up the decompiler, it says the program cannot start because vstdlib.dll is missing from my computer.

When you place the decompiler in sourcesdk/orangebox bin directory, make sure you start up the Source SDK. Then refresh the SDK’s content.