Reskin Derma

I was wondering if there was a good tutorial on reskinning Derma, or if someone could even explain to me sort of how to do it. I haven’t been able to find a lot of documentation on it.

You can use the Paint() function or you can use GWEN, to use GWEN you can look at other scripts that use GWEN and see how they do it. Also, if you’re going use GWEN here’s the functions.

I was talking about stuff like GWEN, global skins, not Paint.

So, that wiki has barely any documentation on GWEN. Got any examples that use GWEN I could look at?

One of Chessnut’s RP gamemodes called Pistachio uses GWEN. Here’s a link to the skin file.

You could also look at the default skin that comes with GMod:

Here’s the .psd file for editing the default GWEN texture:

That’s the GWEN Logo. I found the actual skin PSD there.

Oh, thanks. Couldn’t check it since I’ve no Photoshop installed currently.