Reskin of man

I need the male_07 model reskined, and hexed. I would like him to have plaid boxers on. If someone could please do this, I would greatly appreciate it. I need this for a machinima.

Reference: (Sorry it’s so big. I don’t know how to make it smaller.)

it’s not that big…

Can somone do this? Or will I have to use the nude models on I dont know sh3t about reskinning and hexing.

There isn’t any god damn fucking shit ass cursing rules on this forum, son.

In other news:

Shoes too small?
Shirt texture change?

Shirt change,needs some tube socks,also needs some bulge showing on the shorts

Funny fungus. actually, i like that. and yea, some socks. nothing but the boxers and socks.

So you don’t want shoes, and just socks instead? Both? I don’t think my modeling talents can make him shirtless.

Shirt seam needs to be less obvious (a pain, I know, but oh well), shorts need to look less like straight tubes, so do legs. Oh, and he needs ankles.

I think it’s the perspective. His legs look a bit more like legs than tubes, but just the camera angle I think. They might be a bit skinny though.

Boxers are pretty tubey, though.

i like it. sorry. from the place i was posting from i couldnt see the pic. no shoes, and it will be perfect.