Reskin/Remodel HEV hands with CS:S Gloves

Could someone please either:
A) Make a HEV Suit Hands reskin that gives the CS:S gloves to all HL2 based weapons
B) Rejig this model so that it uses the CS:S Hands rather than the HL2 ones. (And smooth out the HEV-Suit style bumps etc)
Make a pair of the CS:S Viewmodel hands in the same pose as the ones above, with the animations
Thanks a lot!

Aw, too late buddy. If you wanna know how it went, go here

Well if A and B aren’t possible, C should be?
I saw a SWep once that had CSS arms, but they did the knife animation rather than punching.

C is quite possible. What has to be done is getting the CSS reference hands, replacing the HL2 reference hands with the CSS reference hands in the .qc, and compile it. This can only be done ofcourse if the hands have the same rig, which I think they do. Ofcourse you do need a compareable reference of the arms/hands.

Could someone who understood that do it for me please? :3:
(Or optionally explain how I could do it, bearing in mind that I have no experience at all in 3D modelling.)