Reskin Request

I want a reskin of a model (I don’t care which.) With things like this:
A dirty, Blood stained white T-shirt.
Russian Camo Pants
For the head I want the Male07 Head without any facial hair. And dirtyed up a bit (add grime and dirt)
On his left elbow a cloth wraped around his arm, soaked in blood (optional)

T-Shirt: (imagine blood and dirt)

Pants: (couldn’t find an image of actual pants)

Help me would-be-skiner, Your my only hope


If you need more detail ask, And i will provide

Eye color?

don’t really care. Try blueish green

(You don’t need to do the (()) thing here)

I guess I’ve been spending too much time in the RPWL. Silly me. Alright, I’ll try this.


What about shoes?

Eh, Dont really care. Just make them dirty.

Texture’s finished, model screenshots inbound.


Alright, scratch that, texture doesn’t fit right, model’s fucked up.

awwww :sadface:


so no model for me?