Reskin, Rescale and Ragdoll anyone? (Matrix APU)

Requests are below pictures.

Textures are wierd with them black things around it they need to be fixed, could someone possibly re-skin with a higher resolution skin.

Could someone Rescale it and Ragdoll it please, currently it’s just a prop.

I’d like to thank F T for porting it from Half Life 1 into GMod for me.




Relax! it has only been 2 hours. i’m a noob so i can’t help you.

2 hours on facepunch means nobody cares.

If you hang around long enough like have on facepunch you will understand to wait a certain amount of time.

I give my shit around 12 hours for one post, if nothing i leave it and don’t think it’ll get done.

2 hours on FP means 2 hours have passed. Requests normally take 2 days before they are ignored.

Yeah but i’m on about one post