Reskin Shader Problem

Hullo, Facepunch. Hope you’re all having a good day today.

Before I move away from the topic at hand… I have a problem with a reskin I had recently done on a Space Marine Librarian from the DOW2 model pack.

The colors have sempt to come out fine. But the shaders (Or phong, I don’t know which) has gone out of control.

I used Photoshop 4 to edit it, VTFEdit to make the JPEG/PNG/TARDA file into a VTF file. And replaced all the original VTF’s with the custom made one.

Is it a problem with VTFEdit’s settings? Do multiple hue + saturation + overlay changes make a skin flip out? Does this model hate me?

Any help would be much obliged.

Here is my reskin image as well:

Did you preserve transparency? I am asking this since the alpha channel is sometimes used to store other things than just transparency sometimes.

Oh wow, I went to check what Alpha 1 looks like. Completely white with a ting of black outlining. What do I do to preserve the transparency?

save it as 32 bit?
Save the vtf as dxt 3 or 5

Saved the Tarda as a 32 bit, and put it to both DXT 3 and 5 in VTFEdit. No luck i’m afraid.