Reskin these trains

Just for gods sake. Just a reskin is all I’m asking for.

Hell if you want to challenge it all hex the model.

I’ve requested one of these before, unfortuneantly no-one came in and said anything.
I imagine reskinning a train model is easier than a ragdoll, because;

  1. It’s fucking bigger than a god damn ragdoll
  2. Polygons, is it? I assume that’s less if that’s what you count model brushes.
  3. Damn, those are some huge textured things mm hmm.

What I’m looking for in these reskins;
-Not messy stuff (like the current models. They are “messy” textures. I want clean ones, like the fishing and tug boat reskins are)
-Pretty good skinning. Not some “Lol white texture thing i stick there and gief 2 himz”
-I will give you a cookie if you can make the skin 2 for the red tanker the reskin for that.

Onto the phail of MSPaint usage:

Yes, I do infact want these to be my miniature customized communist train fleet :>. I will enjoy these seriously.

My avatar is also epic.

?! Where’s that last one from, TF2? L4D? I’ve never seen it before. Only the one that looks similar from CS:S…

Episode 2

B-wha?..Ok, I guess I should actually look around before I post. lol

We shall see. You just want them kind of cleaned up and lettered for your railroad, right?

Like, Modern Day painting at the time the carriage liveries would actually be made

Russia is most awesome :smiley:

In a way, I guess it is.

So will anybody do this? Because, to be honest, I don’t want to look at a few badly made train textures and high quality ones mixed and just go “God damnit it looks fugly”.

It should be made like those Fishing and Tug boat reskins on They where damn good.

The reskins that I didn’t know existed of the tugboat and etc?

I’m still trying to find the mats, I don’t actually have EP2 myself (ripped the models and textures from a friend’s copy so I wouldn’t have the error models/missing textures). Searching the Source 2007 Materials GCF has so far given me nothing…



YOU ARE INSANE (bad way).

Come on guys! Please?! If you don’t want to JUST reskin them Hex 'em. I don’t mind. I just want my reskins. :crying:

I’m not insane. Just broke.

I swear, I will find the textures if it takes me all FUCKING year!

I too am broke.

That’s why people just don’t understand me when I say “I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO BUY A NEW PC THAT GIVES ME 200 FPS INSTEAD OF MY USUAL 15 D:” or replace “ENOUGH” with “NO”.

Use my avatar and take the black bit out, stick it on as a star/placeholder (recommended).

Actually…that’s not a half bad idea…

I hope someone does it. I could use a Russian train.

You mean retextured train(s) using demanded skins :v:?

I would really want to help if i would know how to make skins… therefor I’ll learn how to.