Reskinned and Hexed Poster Models

Seeing as i’ve got two packs now i thought I should release them in their own thread ^^

[release]NO MORE REQUESTS FOR A WHILE DUE TO OTHER COMMITMENTS :stuck_out_tongue:[/release]

[release]Original Model that I used:[/release]

Main Packs: V1 (8 packs released)
Mini Packs: V1 (2 Pack released)

Reskins of a Poster Model, also hexed and in addon format (with spawnlists ^^)

None (Other than the will to download :P)[/release]



Pack 1:
Pack 2:
Pack 3:
Pack 4:
Pack 5:
Pack 6:
Pack 7:

Pack 8:


Mini Pack 1:
Mini Pack 2:




Pack 2:
Pack 3:
Pack 4:
Pack 5:
Pack 6:
Pack 7:
Pack 8:

Alternate Download:

Pack 1: L4D and District 9 Posters
Pack 2: Movie, Comics and Games Posters
Pack 3: Requested Posters 1
Pack 4: Movie, Comics and Games Posters 2
Pack 5: TF2 Posters
Pack 6: Requested Posters 2
Pack 7: Requested Posters 3
Pack 8: Requested Posters 4


Pack 1:
Pack 2:

Alternate Download:

Pack 1: Theme - Kick Ass
Pack 2: Random Requests 1

GODDAMN! Those are epic, really loving the Batman ones. Just an idea, you should of tried to find the Arkham Asylum cover without the rating or at least with the T rating logo. Everyone knows its not 16 and older

I didn’t notice that (though I had no idea it was different, are you sure thats not the UK/Europian version i’ve got there? or actually it might be off the guide book thinking about it.)

Anyone got ideas for others they’s like?

Maybe some rock bands posters? :stuck_out_tongue:

Really nice posters!

I think that it is the UK one. I agree with Santz, rock posters >:)

Some nice rock bands posters! (In my opinion)




:stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t putted them on [IMG] so it doesn’t spams your thread ^^

I could try the NIN ones and the second Metallica if you like, but the first Metallica one is a forbidden zone link and the rest are square (and as you can see it only works with rectangular images, as square ones would be stretched).

Edit: OK done those ones, i’ll wait and see if anyone suggests more before releasing them.

Hey, I just wanna know if you can take a request. I made this a long time ago and no one responded. Once this thread popped up I knew I can ask. All I want is all 6 of the Saw movie posters if you can. -Saw 1 -Saw 2 -Saw 3 -Saw 4 -Saw 5 -Saw 6

But hey, if its to much I don’t mind.

I’ll have a go for you if I get the time :smiley:

Aw, thanks. :smiley:

Right there done, just need testing in GMod which will i’ll do tommorow as I need to get up early tommorow :slight_smile: Then if they work (which i’m sure they will as all the primary tests were fine) i’ll release them and those band ones ^^

Whoa, you are fast. Thank you :biggrin:

Yea there really quick to do and I thought I may aswell do em before I went to bed ^^

Right screenshot done, will i’ll put them up momentarily:

Edit: heh, turns out 10 posters is just under 1mb so no torrent ^^ The OP has been updated with the links :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice for scene builds good job!


Could you do this?

NICE! Thanks a lot

Awesome Nine Inch Nails…this will be awesome for some stuff I plan to do.

Nice job.

Right done that fallout 3 one, i’ll need some more before its worth releasing another pack though.

Maybe do a video game poster pack. Like Half Life stuff, TF2 stuff

Hell do these

You did the L4D ones though

I’ll have a look at doing em :slight_smile: (damn those tutorial DVDs are expensive, no wonder no-one buys them)

Edit: Right done them, just taking pics, and that was about 55 mins to do 20 of them :stuck_out_tongue: