Reskinned Mass Effect weapons.

Reskinned Mass Effect weapons, originals for comparison:

All of them have normal maps, phong, and everything but one assault rifle has glowing parts.

Only includes one sniper rifle, both assault rifles and a pistol. Shotguns and other pistol and sniper rifle will be done whenever i can be bothered.

Credits to bioware for making them, madmanmad for porting them, and to me for skinning them.

Aw yeah, was waiting for this.

Yeah! Good job! :smug:

Indeed, this is much better than the originals.

Would asking for them to be hexed be going too far?

Wow great job, i tried to fix up the textures as much as i could when i ported them but i’m not a good skinner.

Real improvement.

This could be great for weapon replacements. I can already see the SMG and the pistol being replaced.


I love it