reskinning hl2 models


so im willing to bet that this question has been asked before but im going to ask again anyway.

before the steampipe update all local game content was stored in the game folders. so the hl2 player models were easily accessible. a while back i reskinning the hl2 models for a gamemode i was working on and now they are broken on every gamemode except mine (not sure why). anyway thats not the point. since the steampipe update you no longer have direct access to the hl2 player models which i need so that i can reskin them with the latest version of the models. im not sure if garrysmod has its own hl2 models or what the deal is there but im thinking if i can get the player models from hl2 i can use the model decompiler and add my own skins.

if anyone can help me in this that would be a big help.

The models are now stored in the .vpk’s. HL2 playermodels are included with GMod, so you can get them from garrysmod_dir.vpk. From there, put your custom skins/models in your local directory and it will override the default skin/model.

thank you so much :smiley: