Reskins no longer show up. Rebels, citizens etc.

Hopefully somebody can help me figure this out. In gmod 12, I had changed my rebel, and civilian skins by taking the mdl file that I wanted to use, renaming it and placing it in the models file.

For example: taking the mdl file for Jessica, renaming it Female_01 and placing it in the…garrysmod/models/humans/group01 folder. This worked like a charm in gmod 12 and I had all my rebels, medics, and citizens reskinned.

With gmod 13, they are invisable. I have scoured the net, and moved files around to no avail. I imagine this has to do with a folders structure change. Does anyone know where to put the files to make them show up again?


Models and such haven’t changed at all, only addons and gamemodes. For all intents and purposes it should work. My only guess would be that it’s related to Seeing it a lot lately.

Hi thanks of replying.

  It seems like something has changed with where gmod 13 draw materials from.  I've done this the exact same way as I did in 12 and it won't work.  I should clarify though, that it still works the same way for me with Combine models, but the citizens and rebels are different.

Also, my female citizens and rebels have creepy, solid black eyes after the update. It seems like there is a folder directory change somewhere.

What exactly do the models use? Models and materials, I would guess?
Post a model and the associated materials and I’ll check to make sure the materials are being used, I guess. Otherwise I don’t know what’s wrong, because everything works fine for me (model/material-wise),

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Also, try spawning them as ragdolls via the spawn menu and not as NPCs. Post any console smush you may get and/or visual results.