Hello, so this is mainly to those who know a thing or two about models or reskins.

I’ve been working on a few reskins for CS:Source guns recently when I decided I’d like to reskin the default CS:Source hands.

I’ve done everything I should do correctly, yet the default material isn’t being replaced by my reskin.

Any suggestions are welcome, thank you.

Are they different models? Also c_models work a lot better for having custom hands depending on your playermodel.

No, it’s the same model just with a material replacement.

It’s better to make a copy of the model, change the material location (otherwise known as hexing) because there’s like no other way that I know of to replace just the hands unless viewmodels have submaterials for them. I use SWEP.UseHands all the time with c_models so I don’t really know what you’re trying to do.

Alright, will give that a go, thank you for your hasty replies. :3