Resolution error

My problem is that when i put my garry’s mod in widescreen 16:9 1360x768(native) this happens:

as you can see in the console says
ShaderAPIDX8::CreateDepthStencilSurface: D3DERR_OUTOFVIDEOMEMORY

and it happens with 1280x600 and 1280x720 too, and in other resolutions it looks pretty bad

my system specs:

intel pentium dual cpu e2160 1.80ghz

intel 82945g express chipset family 128mb video

2gb RAM windows xp professional SP3 x86 directX 9.0c

does anyone know a fix?

Well your computer is really made to be playing in high resolutions. It is using a integrated GPU(graphics card) and those are really bad. Also your ram is really low and you CPU(processor) is really outdated and just bad in general.

Intel graphics cards have huge issues with GMod.

Intel cards have problems with almost every game…