Resolution & Graphics

Okay, so I’m really tired of booting up gmod and having to fix my resolution and model detail and texture, shadow detail every single time. Is there anyway I can make it permanent and not having to set it every single time I boot up gmod?

OMG I am having this problem too. Although everyone is prolly on the stupid update thread helping people with their retarded server problems. I posted my problem on their multiple times and they still wouldn’t help me, not even over night! Talk about favoritism.

well its because you probably didn’t apply settings/ have a shitty graphics card

and its because servers are more important than you starpoo

No, it’s because something’s not saving when you do hit apply!

Hey smart ass, My graphics card is fine. I just don’t like the resolution. It’s not the one I’m used to. Also, I need to fix the detail because sometimes darkrp servers tend to get laggy and it helps to tone down the model detail and texture detail. Even though the whole server is laggy, not just me.

To fix lag you need to lower DX levels.
My graphics card is fine too. Unless by shitty you mean integrated…then yes, mine is rapetastic.

The question remains: WHY ARE THE OPTIONS RESETTING?

Yeah, what the fuck? No ones gonna help?

It’s how the world is.

Maybe that alleged update we’re getting tonight will fix it?

We can only hope. Thanks for you help man.

When I played Garrysmod on my old laptop, I had to lower the DX level. But after I did it always started up on full screen and all the default settings even if i changed the settings. But when i put the DX level back to normal it started with the resolution I set.I don’t know who maybe its just the way Garrysmod runs with a lower DX level or maybe my laptop was just a piece of sh** xD

I’ve had it on DX 8.1 for a while now, only started resetting after update.

Still…it’s worth a try.

Ya, I am not sure. I just remember when i lowered the DX level i always had to change the graphics settings, it was very annoying but it was the only way I could get GarrysMod to run. But if you can put your DX level back to normal and it should keep your settings. I have a feeling its meant to reset your settings if you use a lower DX level.

I have the same problem, but only when DXLevel is set to 8, 8.1

It doesn’t like to save the options. I think there is a script that is malfunctioning when Garry’s mod is set to run the certain DXLevel, but it’s nothing I can really look into.

As I said earlier, this hasn’t started until the update. :saddowns:

what update? Huh?

You made me confused.
The update I’m talking about is the one I heard we are allegedly getting tonight. The update you must be thinking about is the one we got yesterday (6/29).

We’re getting an update today? HUUUUH. What does it even do, i haven’t heard anything about it?

Please note the -dxlevel command line resets ALL video settings to a engine preset, and has aways been. You can either remove it after it’s been applied, or switch to +mat_dxlevel ##

I’ll have to bind that to ANOTHER key. But what I don’t understand is why the update would cause it to reset. It’s never done that before. It also expands all my Q-Menu categories.

I will have to bind it, right? Or otherwise put it in the console each startup.

No you put that in Set Launch Options, found in Steam Library under the properties of the game.