Resolution HUD HELP!

Hey guys,

new here c:.

I have been working on a DarkRP HUD, it has all gone awesome until I came across the problem that when I changed my resolution, all of the silkicons moved to the left; same with the playermodel view.
Is there a way to fix the HUD to all resolutions, as other HUDs have never done this with me.

Help would be really appreciated, thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! <3

Just a double-check, I just add any of the 2 examples, correct?

EDIT: ALSO, does this work so ALL resolutions work with my HUD?

You read the Comments, understand it and then apply it to your hud. Itโ€™s just covers the basic idea of Scaling VGUI to Screensize and is for learning, not for Copy Paste.

Read the comments again. All nessesary information are in there.

Iโ€™m not very experienced with HUDs so itโ€™s confusing for me, in a simple way; how would I be able to use this for me HUD to fit all resolutions?

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Sorted it, thanks Tomelyr.