Resolution problem

im sorry if this has been discussed already, but ive looked everywhere and cant find any info

i have a lappy with a 17 inch screen, when playing gmod it shrinks to 15 inches

ive set gmods resolution to highest i could get it

how can i get my gmod like this here?

see how his stretches across the whole screen?

or maybe im delirious and hes taking wide screen screen shots and there is no way to make gmod stretch onto all 17 inches of the screen?

please help, i come bearing cookies

What is your screen resolution? It should be
Widescreen (16:10)

I’m guessing that this is your problem. Your ratio is probably off.


i think i set gmod for 16:10, but it was still small, even after i restarted it, lemme re-check and get back to you guys