Resolution / Size of display in game


I downloaded the game yesterday. I can play without any real problem except some fps drops but let’s say the game is still to be improved.

I came here because when I want to build a house, I dont see the last menu when using the blue building paper (to create windows) which is below my “screen low border”.

I have a laptop Dell XPS 14"z. I have tried all the resolutions available (windowed or full screen) for the game from 500400 to 136x76*. Usually in Windows I use 13xx*76x.

If anybody knew how to change the X,Y coordinates - in the console - of the building menu (which currently appears in the low middle of my screen) or any other suggestion.

Thanks in advance for sharing any idea u might have to solve this problem.


I have exactly the same issue.
Could not build Windows because the menu is too big and the bottom is lower than the bottom of screen…
I use 1280*720 resolution.

Any idea?

I have this issue as well-- Parts of the UI are cut off, specifically on the right click menu for the building plan. I can’t access the ‘windows’ option.

It doesn’t seem like there is any solution to this.

It seems that Facepunch team works on this problem.
Now, I see all items on the build menu.
Did you have it too?

Problem solved !

Thanks to developers who’ve been pretty fast at fixing this !