Since there are so many people who own this game but can hardly play it at 20fps.
So why don’t they adjust the resolution settings, like options of 800^600. It would probably look like sh*t, but maybe it could help others to actually play the game smoothly. (and without crashes)

Lil tip:

  1. Go to the console with f1, then type in “grass.on false” . this will turn some of the grass off and the game will run much more FPS
  2. Don’t play the game on fullscreen. If you got a big monitor, you needn’t play fullscreen.
  3. If you got a really old PC or even not such a big screen, Try to put your graphics quality lower.

When these tips dont work (Oh man you got a really bad PC then) wait for the steam client (download)
The unity player is not a fucking High-End program and it is made for platformer games i think.

In the client the Game wil run much more smooth and your hardware Specs wont be used this much.

I hope i have helped you,


Just hope the client will be release soon, this is a good game i can’t even stop playing with 20 fps…