Ok, so I hope to dear god I’m not too late. I simply never though about this while coding my hud, but it doesn’t fit every resolution! I know that’s really dumb of me, but is there a way I can fix it? I hope I don’t have to restart. I spent so much time on my hud.

Instead of using specific numbers for x, y, width, height, etc, use the ScrW() and ScrH() functions, and use percentages of them instead

So don’t use this? ScrW() - 1905 - 10, ScrH () - 145 - 10, 420, 150

but use this? ScrW() * .05, ScrH() * .860

I think he means percentages for the width and the height, not the x and y coordinates… usually using percentages of ScrW and ScrH for the coordinates isn’t a very good idea