Resolved numerous model errors, now has no lighting.

So, my first model is a ball. At first, when I finally got the gameinfo.txt and all that nonsense working, it loaded but the texture was always the pink and black checkerboard. Lurking through the internet led to me discovering that the reference SMD has the wrong file name, so I renamed the file in the SMD to get it to work. Afterwards, the model just ended up not rendering at all; I got an error about the wrong vertex mesh or whatever; turns out the VMT was on LightmapGeneric (something along those lines) and was supposed to be on VertexLitGeneric. So I got THAT fixed, but now…

Now my ball doesn’t receive any lighting whatsoever. It renders fine but it’s 100% black and if I shoot it no decals are visible, so I assume this means light isn’t working on it.

(on an unrelated note, the model itself has really strange inertia; I’ll fling it with the physgun and it’ll slow down dramatically when I let go and drop on the ground. Same thing happens when it’s rolling; it just slows down a lot).