resource add file problem? - help!

Hey guys so I recently made an hud with custom textures, but am having trouble with people downloading the materials to see it. Here is my code for resource add file: (KEEP IN MIND I TRIED RESOURCE ADD SINGLE FILE TOO)

	resource.AddFile( "materials/vgui/ob_hudelements/level_progressbar.png" )
	resource.AddFile( "materials/vgui/ob_hudelements/level_progressbar_bg.png" )
	resource.AddFile( "materials/vgui/ob_hudelements/backgroundbar.png" )

Q: Where did you put it?
A: I’ve tried putting the code into init.lua and lua/autorun/server/sv_forcedl.lua <-- I made this lua file it’s not default

Q: You sure you got the texture names right?
A: Yes

Q: Did you try taking the png images and putting them in the general materials folder instead of multiple folders?
A: Yes

Q: Did you even google your problem before making a thread
A: Yes many times

-Thanks for reading and hopefully in advanced for helping a noob like me out!

What’s your webhost address?

Can’t see it. Are files in .bz2 format?