resource.AddFile limits

Is the maximum file limit 8192 or 4096 files? Because It’s throwing Table downloadtables full errors at 6983 added files.
(Checked with grep)

I thought it was 8192 – I would not be surprised if the core game reserved 2 slots for the map and map graph, but definitely not 1000+. Maybe you have other addons installed that call AddFile? Or perhaps AddWorkshop shares the array.

As I said I was using grep, basically i searched for “resource” in all lua files.

resource.AddFile inherently adds other files if the provided file is a mdl, vmt, or vtf. You will not get an accurate count by greping all of your files for instances.

Then how would i actually get the correct amount?

  1. CONCOMMAND: dumpstringtables_new

That’s for lua files, you are looking for download<something> string table.

client lua files for me is
21: client_lua_files
strings: 919
strdata: 39000
databts: 13718

It’s not that.

I know, I just sent that in, here’s my downloadtables:

strings: 4096
strdata: 177059
databts: 0

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I brought up 4096 because i was also trying to make a percentage display, and i noticed with a clear download folder it will always be 4096 max files… Is there a concommand that’s limiting this to 4096?

No, it’s hardcoded