resource.AddFile not working right.

Okay, so I’m not sure whether the sound plays (see other thread), because resource.AddFile won’t work, I put the file (addfiles.lua) in autorun, autorun\client and autorun\server, and I’m not downloading the sounds and I don’t know why.
Code for addfiles.lua

try removing it from client and server and just in autorun. are these sounds in your root folders of your server?

Nope, in sound
I’ve tried Autorun, but nothing.

Save it as “sounds.lua” and put it in garrysmod/lua/autorun/server/

Isn’t that exactly the same though?
I’ll try it 'nyways.

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Welp, it’s downloading.

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Allhail.mp3 did not download.

Probably that’s because you already have it…

Note that if you are creating the server from the gmod, you’ll not download the sounds because you already have them.

No, I deleted the sounds I had, and put them on SRCDS.

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And I know, also because of this…

Failed to load sound "allhail.mp3", file probably missing from disk/repository

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So, why the hell isn’t it DL’ing?

Why isn’t it DL’ing, I want to get this working, then fretta.

Do you maybe have an sv_downloadurl?

Yes I have it, and it’s fixed anyway. It just magically fixed itself and I don’t know how.
Now, could I please get your attention to my “Fretta is not working right” thread?
Let this die.

I do feel that you are being a bit shallow in this post - lighten up! People have attempted to help you, and it works - for that you should give a world of thanks. :tiphat:

Hello, i am also having trouble with my resource.addfiles. Why did you tell him to name it sounds.lua? what should I name my file then? its currently named kcgeorge.lua

filenames are case sensitive.