resource.AddFile problem?


is an example of one I have on the fastdl lua file.
It’s not working and I can assure you it’s in the right file path.
Do I need to do this instead? - I was told that it does not matter but I need to make sure.

does it need to have spaces?
instead of (" it be ( "

resource.AddFile( "models/player/show_alien.dx80.vtx" )

If not I have no clue what the problem is. it works on my server fastdl but everyone has it as ( " instead of ("

lua is in garrysmod/lua/autorun/server

If you have another idea that might be a solution please do tell.

I have no one else to ask, so sorry I’m asking such a nooby question on here ^^ - I normally do not have any problems like this.
-BTW He’s running the server off of his own computer could that have anything to do with it? - Doubt it?

A. Spaces don’t matter
B. Do you have a Fast DL set up at all?
C. If B is yes, do you have the Fast DL configured correctly on your server?

I may be wrong but resource.AddFile adds the file specified and the related ones, so wouldn’t you add the .mdl file instead of the .dx80.vtx file?

From the older wiki:

I was just showing a demo. I didn’t add just dx80 i did the model too. And I found out the problem i believe.
I left


just open on a line of it’s own-Deleted it… He hasn’t tested it yet.
And it is not my server. I cannot see inside his files, I only have the stuff he sent me. He put everything in the right place.

Is dx80 really not necessary for the download? - I’ve always done it by workshop not AddFile

I think you misunderstood me, it is necessary to download, but when you add a .mdl file with resource.AddFile it will automatically add the related files like the quote explained in my last post.