Resource.AddFile problems

**So i just cant get this to work. the file is in the auto run of server lua and is called “resource.lua” i restarted my server and it still will not download the files

Remove the space between AddFile and the (s .
Also, for convenience Garry’s Mod automatically downloads file types such as .sw.vtx, .vvd etc when you only resource.AddFile the .mdl. Same with vmt. You can prevent this from happening by using resource.AddSingleFile

Remove the space between the resource.Addfile and the ( “blah.this” ) and add a space between the ( and the ". and last but not least, change the \ to the / Here is an example:

resource.AddFile( "models/xmas/models/santahat.mdl" )

try that, unless i have a typo, then fix it then try that ;D