resource.addfile wont work

So ive got my server working perfectly with DarkRP and now im trying to use shurikens for a ninja class and therefore want my users to download the models and textures when they join. I think ive followed the instructions and made my resources.lua file in lua/autorun/server/ and inside i have:

resource.addfile (“addons/shuriken/models/jaanus/shuriken_big.mdl”)
(and other files needed)

but when i join my server it doesn’t download any of the files. Its probably me being stupid and missing something but any help would be appreciated.

Sounds like a virus.

definately not…

I’ve been coding for 3 years.

It is a virus.

so your saying my computer has a virus?

Scan your entire computer.

Can an admin ban this little 2 year old from the forums? all he is saying is people have viruses. If you want to help cature, then help. and if your too damned stupid to where all u can say is “mabye its a virus” then GTFO. you have 7 of your 8 posts about viruses.

take a look:

troll is trolling

its resource.AddFile(“models/jaanus/shuriken_big.mdl”)

ignore him >.>


ill try it now

now. most functions in Lua are Case Sensitive. otherwise, the code gets confused with variables. so first off, fix your resource.addfile to resource.AddFile like Bang Train posted.

also remove “addons/shuriken”

you dont need this because of how addons work. its 2 am and i dont feel like explaining it right now

totally forgot about that as well >.< thanks, pretty new to lua

lol dont forget about Bang Train :slight_smile: he was the one that made my mind spark. i cant think straight right now. but istead of actually just giving code, its better to explain things so that way you dont make the same mistake again.

Works perfectly thankyou all so much. Bang train, i want to have your babies.