Hey everyone this is my first time posting on the forums!. Anyways lets get straight to the point. So I recently setup a Deathrun server and I used resource.AddFile to add maps. I was using this because if I didn’t people would have a missing map pop up. And since now that I use resource.AddFile it takes forever to get in for people who don’t have the map because they have to download every single map, this is the reason why no one joins my server. So I’ve been wondering if the map is deathrun_atomic_warfare how would you only make it download that map instead of a all the other maps?!

Please help soon! sorry for my bad English.

resource.AddFile isn’t necessary for map files. They download automatically as long as they’re less than 64MB and you have downloads allowed. More than that you will need to use sv_downloadurl.

Ok thanks, I’ll try this out.

EDIT: Ok thank you so much. works great now!