On my dedicated server, I created a file to lua/autorun/server and wrote lines like this into it.

Once I put my server on, it doesn’t give it any kind of effect, nobody still downloads those thorugh the server, wondering why?
Should the file have something else in it aswell than just the resource.AddFile?

It may not be downloading if you do not have a fast download setup, or if that isn’t the correct file path.

I don’t have a FDL, and it is the correct file path, it has multiple of those, so I believe it should download even few of them, but it downloads none.
I think there must be a way to do it without FDL though.

I wonder if this even works now, due to Garry’s Content pack update thing.

I got it working now, I just had to delete few things off it.
But it works perfectly and it sends the files now.

– edit –
Why it isn’t sending the .vmt files even I add it there?

It should do it automatically.