resource.AddWorkshop Addon Updating

Hi everyone today i meeted a problem: When i update my workshop addon it redownloads on server but it doesnt change on client. As result clients got outdated version of addon. Do you know any way to force addon updating on client? Thanks.

When you first join the server after updating the addon does the loading bar say “Loading <addon name>” or “Downloading <addon name>”?

Text changes very fast in fact, i think there is no download cause addon weights 15Mb and it had to be shown at least 1-2 secs

Is there any way for you to tell? It could be possible that it says “Downloading …” but fetches the old data from Steam’s cache rather than the new data. I assume nothing is printing in your console?

There is no connection info in my console. I never seen this info in console even with developer mode. In fact i can see this text only at loading panel. Is there any way to dump this to console?

I’m afraid not. I’ll test this locally before the next update.

ok, thanks

I just checked and all i seen was “Extracting [addon name]…”


I see the problem. It should update if you restart your game first (immediately after the workshop update), can you confirm that?

Still didnt update. The only way to redownload addons - remove cache from gmod. That’s a question: why cache doesnt checking…

Im sorry to bump an old post, but this is the only post I have been able to find where someone has the same issue as me.

I had this same exact issue today whenever releasing an updated version of my addon. This has always worked perfect in the past, I would usually just restart the server and whenever players would rejoin it would download the new version on their end too. However, after either the January or February updates, it is failing to update addons correctly anymore on the clientside. The serverside still works perfect.

The only way I was able to get around this issue with all of my players is to upload an entirely new workshop addon with the updated content.

I was also able to fix the issue by deleting the addon file from “GarrysMod\garrysmod\downloads\server” and then re-joining the server. It would download the updated version of the addon at that point.

I spent nearly my entire day troubleshooting this issue, but at this point I don’t feel like its something that im doing wrong, but instead the fault of one of the recent updates, so I’m hoping someone can help out with this.