resource.AddWorkshop() Entire Collection?

I use resource.AddWorkshop(). I have full knowledge on how to use it. But I wanna know if you can just but the workshop collection ID and it will just have them DL that, instead of adding each add-on, one-by-one. And it will just automatically update and have the clients DL the items when you add something.

No you can’t.

As Robotboy said, no you can’t and no you don’t want to either.

You don’t want to force clients to download your entire collection because most servers has “lua only” addons in their collection, and that is served to the client via the server and thus should not be forcefully downloaded to the client. For example, if you have the Stacker STool on your server in your collection, the users doesn’t have to download the addon as it doesn’t have any custom content, the server itself makes sure the client recieves the required lua to use the tool.

To make it easier, I ended up using Search and Replace on the Collection webpage to grab all the collection ID’s and their appropriate names
More Search and Replace was used to develop the AddWorkshop lua

I should actually make that a web based tool come to think of it

Very True. Thanks.