resource.AddWorkshop error.

HI, every time try to use the resource.AddWorkshop("") lua file crap, it never forces the players on my server to download the files. (They are maps on the workshop). I even uploaded the BSP files directly to the server and no matter where i put the “workshop.lua” file it doesnt work. I can’t seem to find anything wrong with how i set up the file or where i put it. I even looked at multiple forums for help with this problem and can’t seem to find a working solution.

Post your exact file.

Where do you have that code saved?


Put it in the autorun/server folder.

tried that… still gave me the “AddWorkshop nil value” crap

Give the full error

[ERROR] lua/autorun/workshopaddons.lua:7: attempt to call field ‘AddWorkshop’ (a nil value)
** 1. unknown - lua/autorun/workshopaddons.lua: 7

Still says lua/autorun. Not lua/autorun/server

no, I know, I’ve tried both locations. (And ignore the file name, that was before I named it properly, but it still doesn’t work) It’s just saying where said file is located

The file has to be in only lua/autorun/server and you have to restart. Post the error if you get one after doing that.

Now it doesn’t even show an error. All it does it disconnects me saying I don’t have the map file. Even if I put said BSP in the server maps file and my maps file it still says that I don’t have the file.

Where did you put it and what is the name of the map? Does it work when you subscribe to it on workshop from your client?

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Also, make sure the file name has no caps or spaces.

The maps are in the serverfiles/garrysmod/map folder on the server and in my client maps folder.

do you use SererDL or FastDL?

That’s the thing, I can’t figure out how to set up FastDL on Gmod, I’ve been hosting servers (mainly CSS) since 2013 and FastDL was a breeze to set up on CSS but Gmod I still haven’t been able to find a thread really anywhere on setting it up; it would be my main preference to use.

In any .cfg file inside yourserver/garrysmod/cfg have this line: “sv_downloadurl”. Then simply have the materials/models/maps/sound folders inside that folder

:l So it’s basically like the CSS FastDL. Now I feel stupid…

dont forget to compress them to BZip2. Or simply use SourceRSC to automaticly sync your fastdl, it will scan the difference, download, compress and upload the files.