resource.Addworkshop issue

So I just recently swapped from resource.addfile to resource.addworkshop, and it appears to attempt to download the addon, but doesn’t seem to do it properly.

When connecting to the server it says it’s downloading addon #blahblah and then mounting, although it still seems to be giving me error models. I have placed the resource.addworkshop lines in /lua/autorun/resrouce.lua.

[lua]if SERVER then
resource.AddWorkshop( “107411755” )
resource.AddWorkshop( “147708337” )

Dumb question, but is the workshop addon on the server, in gma format?

Instead, remove all your current code and paste what’s in this box below:

resource.AddWorkshop( "107411755" )
resource.AddWorkshop( "147708337" )

NOTE: Collections are not supported, so if these are collections, they will NOT work.