resource.AddWorkshop - Will it work with "hidden" Workshop content?

I’m playing around with making my own Workshop addons; currently, I’m testing custom models.

I don’t want to clutter the Workshop page with content that isn’t really useable by anyone else. So, I decided to set the “visibility” to “hidden.” Will the resource.AddWorkshop config still have people who join my server sub/download said Workshop content?

Google brings up results about a specific addon called “The Hidden,” lol.


Last time i tried it, it worked.

Hmm, okay.

Since I’m out of friends who haven’t been on my server before, I guess I’ll just play it safe. Thanks.

He may be right. I set my addon to hidden and it downloaded, but I think the collection and the addon have to be visible in order for your server to download it. You may as well try it imo.