Resource Distribution 2 and Life Support 2 HELP!

I currently have both RD2 and LS2 working on other player’s servers, but they don’t fully work when I’m playing by myself in singleplayer.

-works fine

-extreeeeeme fps drop when using link tool
-unable to customize resource distr. tools
-Climate control generators and terraformers don’t show, only air and heat exchange

Help would be much appreciated :smiley:

did you use the svn updated versions?

Although many versions of LS claim to work with the new GMod, they are just as big a lie as the cake is (or rather, as big a lie as the cake isn’t, if you have beaten portal).

Anyways, I’ve tried multiple versions with no success. However I recently came upon one that works in both Singleplayer and Multiplayer (with me not being the host). It includes climate control generators and terraformers too, as well as customization for tools (I assume you mean links and all).

Click Here.

Be sure to delete any old versions first.

Good luck!


You sir, deserve an grammy for finding this file!

I have the same exact problem. Also, StoneFrog’s link leads to a file that isn’t found.

I got the problem to :confused:

Someone upload it please.


i am having a prob with them too , i have them installed and i can spawn them all , but my genrators when i spawn them ( hydro for example) i put them in water in gm_constuct and then connect to air compressor and it dosn’t get any power , the hydo thing says " Hydro Genrator ( on)" when i look at it.

do i need spacebuild or somthing?

Hey I just installed SpaceBuild with Resource Distribution and Life Support but everytime I want to spawn something from Life Support it says something like “…Please install Resource Distribution…” I already tried other versions of Resource Distribution and Life Support but evertime I got the same problem.

Anyone got an idea?


It’s Resource Distribution 2 and Life Support 2


After starting a game the console says that:

Registering gamemode ‘sandbox’ derived from ‘base’
Registering gamemode ‘spacebuild’ derived from ‘sandbox’
weapons\gmod_tool\stools/energysystems.lua:6: attempt to call method ‘GetInfo’ (a nil value)
weapons\gmod_tool\stools/life_support.lua:7: attempt to call method ‘GetInfo’ (a nil value)
weapons\gmod_tool\stools/receptacles.lua:6: attempt to call method ‘GetInfo’ (a nil value)
weapons\gmod_tool\stools/cutoff_valve.lua:6: attempt to call method ‘GetInfo’ (a nil value)
weapons\gmod_tool\stools/dev_link.lua:6: attempt to call method ‘GetInfo’ (a nil value)
weapons\gmod_tool\stools/link_junction.lua:5: attempt to call method ‘GetInfo’ (a nil value)
weapons\gmod_tool\stools/resdebug.lua:6: attempt to call method ‘GetInfo’ (a nil value)
weapons\gmod_tool\stools/sup_connector.lua:6: attempt to call method ‘GetInfo’ (a nil value)
Hook ‘LSTab’ Failed: autorun/LS_Tab.lua:16: attempt to call method ‘GetInfo’ (a nil value)


After installing Life Support 2 one more time there is nothing in the spawnmenu anymore (at generators and the other stuff)


When hitting the left mouse button (when “generators” is choosed) it says “autorun/RD2_Tools.lua:249: RD: GetClientInfo(‘type’) is nil!”


I hope someone out there gives me the solution RIGHT NOW !


I forgot to tell you that it’s spacebuild v3 with the update v3.1



I’m having this exact same problem.Does anyone know how to fix it?


Bump, in need of help.


Bump! Anyone know the solution to all the errors? Joined just to bump this :smiley:

Bump, and you need the counter-strike source content for it to work.

i get the "rd2 needed"thing too its pissing me off i want SB3 to be finished so i can move on from this shit
i wish ppl didnt post those “RD2 working download and svn links” kinda threads cuz they all are shity old files
and where is the offical threads for these bloody things?


I just installed the ones from the releases and they seem to work fine…

Hey, I don’t really care if its the current version, I just want a WORKING pair of LS and RD, please, if anyone could get me a link.

There’s a working LS2 + RD2 SVN link on my tutorial:
There’s also a link from my tutorial to the LS3 + RD3 page, if you’d rather want that.