resource Question

If I pack all my custom content into the workshop. and use resource.AddWorkshop()

Do I need to still use resource.AddFile() on the custom files? Will this cause users to download everything twice?

The resource.AddWorkshop function instructs the client to download a specific Steam Workshop item before it continues joining. I’d say it’s logical to assume all the files will be present on the client’s computer by the time they actually join.
It should never happen for a file to be downloaded twice, even if you call the resource.AddFile function for it. I believe the client first downloads all the Workshop files required by the server before even attempting to download the other files.

Perhaps there’s even a chance the resource.AddFile calls will act as a fail-safe and download the content anyways if the client doesn’t already have it for some reason.

Perfect, thank you!

You’re welcomed. I suggest you to check out this thread later on as well, I can be wrong. People will be sure to correct me if that’s the case.