Resource Smart 2

What is it?
[li]Resource Smart 2 is an advanced resource management system. That means that instead of having to resource.AddFile files hundreds of times, all you have to do is input the directory, like this: “sound/rot/weather” and viola, it automatically sends the directory to your clients when they join! You can also add files too: “blah.wav”, and you don’t even have to enter the first directory ( sound/ in this example )! Resource Smart 2 even automatically precaches models and sounds for you! All you have to do to make it precache models is: rs_toggle_pc_model 1, and for sounds: rs_toggle_pc_sound 1. If you don’t want your clients to download all of the stuff you added through Resource Smart 2 all you have to do is: rs_toggle 0, and if you want to enable the files again rs_toggle 1.[/li][/ul]

How do I get started?
[li]**SVN: **Just click Browse SVN, look on the left column and check out that directory. Then upload the addon to your server and type in console ‘rs_menu’.[/li][li]**Direct: **Just click the link provided and unpack the zip file. Then upload the addon on the zip to your server and type in console ‘rs_menu’.[/li][/ul]

What can I send to my clients with Resource Smart 2?
[li]Resource Smart currently supports:[/li][list]
[li]Models[/li][li]Sounds[/li][li]Fonts[/li][li]Particles[/li][li]Materials[/li][li]Anything else ( You must enter the original directory, though )[/li][/ul]

Anything else I should know?
[li]Yes, The Resource Smart 2 Menu is not dynamic yet.[/li][/ul]


[li]Browse SVN ( Recommended )[/li][li]Colzdragon( Direct Link )[/li][/ul]

Huge thanks to
[li]Derma Designer[/li][li]Polly[/li][/ul]

Sweet, looks easy to use.

Thanks! I’m going to bed, but in the morning I will put up an SVN and update it with whatever features you guys want, along with particle precaching thanks to Garrys: Added ParseParticleManifest( file ) where file will be translated into particles/particles_(file).txt.



The SVN will be released soon, along with the following update:

[li]Current method of viewing files sent to clients replaced with DListView[/li][li]Removing files through the GUI[/li][li]Checkboxes for precaching of models/sounds, etc[/li][/ul]


Getting some progress.

Now’s your chance to make suggestions.


Deleting is done, this is accomplished by double clicking a value. Double clicking a directory mode value removes the whole directory that it is in.

Thread updated, new version is released!

Sweet! :v:

Does this actually use resource.AddFile to add the resources? If so, we still have a problem with too many resources, say 8000 will cause a overflow error on the server.
Nice addon by the way.

I think the point of this is not to provide a whole new resource system, but rather to make resource adding easier.

It won’t let me add any directories.

I open the menu, in the text box enter ‘addons\pcmod2\models\Chipstiks_PCMod_Models\Speakers’ without the ’ ofc. Then select ‘Directory’ and then click ‘Add Directory’. Nothing happens.

So is this basically an addon version of **[Resource.AddFile](** ?

I’m afraid I can’t see the point of a 600 line addon that doesn’t really do anything that resource.AddFile and the 14 function on the wiki page does. If I was going to add files with my addon, I’d probably do it internally instead of adding every single gosh darn diddly directory to it.

I’m no coding genius so I don’t understand why I would want to use this. What is the benefit of using this? In layman’s terms.

You don’t need addons/pcmod2

Oh and, putting models/materials/sounds in addons folders causes them to have to be re-downloaded. So I advise you put them in garrysmod/garrysmod instead.

Same here "/
Trying to add a custom freeman caracter “models\Gordon”, but nothing happens.
Any solution?

You didn’t read the thread. It says the menu isn’t dynamic yet, nothing is supposed to happen. Restart the map and the menu should change. I’m working on making it dynamic right now.

Ahh, I see… Sorry i bothered you. Anyway, great addon! Will definitely come handy!

It’s no problem, and your welcome. I’ll be fixing the menu and maybe making it dynamic tomorrow. ( Valve time )

Thanks. I looked into the files in the data folder, and I had like 1902972854257892345623 of the directories I was adding. Didn’t realize the menu wasn’t dynamic xD

Well this is alot easier than doing the text file stuff… Does it for me.

So, you going to make it dynamic?