Resource Spawn Rate Decreased

I know I’m not the first to notice this, but it should be said again that the latest decrease in resource spawn rate is bad bad bad.

Unless you are the first handful of people on a new server you won’t be finding anything except bears, wolves, and zombies. All of which are not fun to kill with a rock.

So the game has basically been put on super hardcore mode, to the point where you will most likely starve to death as a new player.

TLDR; Fix resource node spawn rate!

Don’t play on servers with a lot of people on them, you’ll never find a single resource.

I don’t think the game should work that way… New players should still have some kind of a chance on populated servers…

It might not work that way in the future, they’ll probably link population with respawn rates, but that’s just how it is for now.

I think thats not the way it mean to be.

OK, let’s decrease de loot respawn, but sincerly… We cannot find a server with low population, because are only a few official servers disponibles.

I see that since yesterday the people turn into really motherfuckers, coz you gather 10 woods and someone with a lasergun kill you to take your resources. Before the last update the motherfuckers already exists, but the newbies and new players have the chance to build something (the basics) and start doing their shit. Now it’s really impossible ( i playerd 4 hours yesterday trying to do a stone hatchet, and i was unable to do it), before the respaw i have build some stuff and HAS A CHANCE to fight the motherfuckers with lasers and dragons bleeding fire, and shit.

Man, now it’s just imposible, and it turn to be a real suck. I’ll wait for a new update or something, now it’s just a waste of time.

Play on a less populated server until you can figure out how to not suck. :slight_smile: