Resource Spawning


Not sure if it is just me or has anyone else noticed the lack of resources around the map, it really makes it hard for people to start out when you can only find about 2 wood piles every 10 minutes. Something in the last update changed how much actually spawn and I personally think it has ruined a bit of the freedom in the game. It has just made it harder for people not in teams and creates a bigger division between players. Also since a lot of things now cost more to craft it should really be kept the same as you guys are just making the end game harder to achieve.

I agree brother, there’s never any rock around on servers with more than 100 people, without it you cant make a starter weapon to even have a chance of defending your self from more powerful players. I think if they made the starter rock able to upgrade to a stone hatchet this would be less of a problem. better yet make the starter rock and the stones item the same item.

It’s a really big issue, I’ve just bought the game and have immediately noticed that it’s realistically impossible for anyone to progress past the scavenging stage of the game. All of the current resource spawns are constantly hoarded by piss mongering anal bandits that will cease at nothing to prevent you from getting anywhere near a rock with their fancy new bolt action rifles.

In non-PVP servers, I think it’s fine. You have to put some time into the game, but gradually you gather resources and succeed. In PVP servers, it’s ridiculously hard. I joined one for about an hour and never had more than the starter stuff. I would appreciate a fair fight, but it was always guns vs rock… not quite my idea of a good time.

From when i first started playing it took me 30 minutes of constant running and scouting every valley before i found my first rock…
And guess what, that first rock didn’t even give me enough stone to make my Stone hatchet i had 4/5, so i had to walk around for another 12minutes to find another Rock to mine…
This is beyond ridiculous…
It pretty much just kills the game out right for me currently, and i love games like this!!
Even with how rare rocks are, wood piles seem to be rarer and even more necessary…
Try to collect a few thousand wood to build a decent sized base that might just keep you safe from a bandit pack.
If you have to collect that from trees that will take you around 45 minutes of constant chopping and running between trees to collect 1000 wood, around 125 trees, all while being extremely vulnerable in the open and not being able to watch you back.
1000 wood make you about a 4 platform 2 story house

In my opinion Rock should not only spawn in mountainous terrain, but spawn there more frequently then the valleys/plains and they should carry more resources per spawn and over all have way more spawns, 4-5 times more
Wood piles have an adequate amount in them, but need to be more common with, 3-4 times more spawns.
Animals arnt too bad currently, even though they are rare at times, you don’t need much of what they can give you. After 2 hours on a single session i found myself ignoring them as i had all the meat, cloth and fat i could possibly need at the time.
But at the start you can conceivably starve to death before you find that first pig. So meaby a 50% increased frequency wouldn’t be bad.

I could deal with the horrible community and constant bandits if it wasn’t for this issue of nearly non existent natural resources. When starting, your only hope is to sprint around and be ignored while desperately trying to find those start resources, hide in some secluded corner of the map, or under a rock to log out, log in and repeat.
After a few hours of this you might be able to start a base that can survive an attack.

Yeah, basically my whole team has quit because of this reason… There is little to no resources and we cannot sustain ourself any longer. 3 of my team has quit due to this situation and the rest are slowly deteriorating until this is fixed.

One other thing i’d like to add is that my fists (which I can’t use) would be a more effective weapon than the shitty rock. A rock that big should knock out someone in one hit.

It’s really bad at the moment. Resource valley can’t even be called that any more… it has loads of animals but almost no wood. I can get more metal and stone than wood now. They should add stone structures to the crafting… as a midway point between a wood house and a metal house.

Yeah resources shouldn’t be so annoying to find specially with how short the days are and how easy it is to get lost.

I would increase rocks but not by much. Scarcity is the name of the game.


It encourages hardcore barbarism and fun times.

I thought it encourages hide and go seek with a rock
This is pretty much me when I find a rock now

A few people I know have already quit the game due to the lack of resources. Something needs to be changed.

That is the perfect video for this situation,
Its like, whats that in the distance… no it cant BE!!
walks for 2min OMFG ITS A ROCK!!!
Then get all paranoid looking everywhere for people (cause u know… bandits), decide its safe and start mining, then only get 2 stone from it… fuck

I feel like the whole map should be a resource spawn rather than just a few select areas, as it really just becomes unplayable because of the bandits. Once that is fixed the game should be playable again.

I guess i should consider myself lucky then. I have no problems finding resources. Are you guys farming in the afternoons or in the morning? And by morning i mean when the sun is just starting to rize, when everything goes red and its still relatively dark outside. That is the time to farm resources. First thing in the morning everything respawns and that is when i go farm. I have no trouble gettirng ores, and wood. Best place imo is rad town. Rad town is the town that the road runs right through the middle of. not the ones off to the side of the road, but the one where the road runs right through the center of the town. its just a few small buildings. There is a valley on the other side, that valley is rad town valley and is a great place to farm.

tbh, the game is too easy. Within 20 minutes you can have a 9mm and zombies, bears and wolves cease to be a problem, make a small house, play another 2 minutes and have cloth armour, now you’re able to raid basic bases of newbies. Getting lots of food and some metal fragments for more ammo, it just depends on how you spend your resources.

Disco Solution to this was to make a massive compound.



If you play on the Public servers which are almost always at 150+, do i need to elaborate?

This does not even account for bandits. I strongly recommend that people look towards Community Servers to play especially in this interim. Developers have already acknowledged the imbalance and incompleteness of world resource spawns.

My Server can be joined at the following address:
from the game console (F1), However there are many to choose from.

Stop advertising your shitty server. It has low players for a reason.

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