Resource Wars - Real Time Strategy Gamemode

Not working SVN: (will be fixed soon)
Supported map: test03


[li]Fix everything

If you don’t like too much DMing, but you hate roleplaying as well then this is just the game you were waiting for!

One's available: Connect now!

Resource Wars(click for the forum) is a Real Time Strategy gamemode. The main meaning is not to destroy the other players, this is not supposed to be a short rts deathmatch, instead, you’ll be able to build your own base and prepare for the enemy’s attack just in case, thanks to the game mechanics.
There is no money value, there’s just energy. You consume energy for everything you do, such as making a building and making a unit. You can make your own units with the unit assembler. You can conquer thumpers that will increase your energy with the generators and much, much more.
This is still Beta, also because I started working on the gamemode just some days ago.

We’ve got a server, but it’s for testing purpose only.
The game still has some bugs, so it’s better delete them all before letting it be open beta.

If you are interested in helping us then check the What we currently need part.



Media – I bet you didn’t even care to read the about.

Modelling a tank: - The height is just an example, the size should be slightly bigger than an HL2 Box(not the ammo box).



What we currently need
Modellers, they are never enough.
Texturers, as long as we don’t have a good texturer, the models won’t have that sweet touch.
Mappers, we just have 2 maps right now.
Ideas, the gamemode started as a “copy” of WarZone, but I decided to put there some of my own so any ideas will be appreciated.

Things that never arrived that might come later
[/li][li]VTOL Port
[/li][li]New, Custom models for each building by C0NNA!
[/li][li]Custom tank parts by Tchou!

I won’t list everything I did before making this thread, or the list would be too long and annoying :v:

Key-To-Move, hold ALT(Walk button) to move around with the cursor.
Building requires some time.
[Lots of stuff]


C0NNA - Modeller;
Tchou - Modeller;
AJ - Mapper, hasn’t done anything yet;
Aldo - Mapper;
And me for the rest.

C0NNA for the amazing models and server;
WarZone for being such a great free game;
Aldo for making the test maps;
Mr. Anonymous for making a cool Thread Image;
And me for the rest.
If you should be there just tell me.
Also thanks to the BetaTesters!

Want to give some support?

Thanks for credits, I actually think it’s a cool game mode.

Looks very interesting, I look forward to playing this.

Woohooo, thanks Mr.Anonymous for his amazing thread image at the top.
Also - Added Map project images, in case someone wants to do a map.
Also added the gamemode’s forum.

Looks pretty interesting.

I guess I need a video, I’ll get my friend to make one pretty soon.

Im guessing you got the idea from half life 2: Wars?

What the heck is that?
I never heard of it, read the thread, I wrote how I started this.

I was just asking if you got any influence from half life 2: Wars, i didn’t mean it to sound offense sorry. I had read the thread, and half life 2: Wars is a source mod game check it out if you want

Oh wow, that looks amazing.
But this isn’t going to be like that, there’s no sense in copying something totally free that uses the same engine(Source) of GMod on GMod.

This looks awesome, I really would like to see a true RTS gamemode get finished.

Keep it up.

Looks awesome i love RTS games so i can’t wait until it’s finished :smiley:

Well, another interesting and exciting new gamemode announcement from you Wolfo, as always looks SICK. Cant wait for it!

Cool story bro. Looks pretty neat. Might host a server for it eventually :slight_smile:

Looks pretty interesting.

Looks cool :smiley:

I was supposed to get a damn video about 2 days ago. >:l

Testing Server’s UP!

Awesome, can’t wait to see further development of this gamemode!


:holy: Cool… But the Gmod Gamemode will still be awesome!

I think i found a bug, the melon that your ment to have kept dissapearing, meaning we couldn’t build anything